The challenge

Save-A-Lot is a national discount grocery store chain that was looking for assistance in developing their online orientation training for new team members. One of their biggest challenges was providing a way for new team members to familiarize themselves with their future departments, as well as having an opportunity to see how other departments function.

Save-A-Lot was searching for a training company to partner with them to not only work with them to better onboard their new team members but also upgrade the overall look and feel of their existing training.

The Solution

Using a variety of mediums, DDINC worked with Save-A-Lot to develop a diverse virtual reality training experience that included traditional approaches to training and assessments, more fun and engaging video animations to introduce more unfamiliar departments of the company, and newer 360 video technology to capture real-life environments. Interactive modules provide new team members with the information they need to familiarize themselves with Save-A-Lot, while the Virtual Reality videos provide them with a more in-depth view of the locations where they could be working in VR. The virtual reality orientation training approach allowed for an immersive onboarding experience that offered an impactful experience to their brand from the start of their tenure. 

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