The challenge

This non-disclosed client was looking for an effective way to train nurses on what to do during different situations in the trauma unit. In the past, only traditional classroom training was used; however, due to continued growth and the number of nurses needing to be trained,  they have decided to look at web-based training as an alternative method of training.

The Solution

The client had done research on 3D simulations and determined that using a creative web-based training firm such as Designing Digitally Inc. would be very beneficial for their organization. By creating the development as a 3D scenario-based training, the learners are able to get a true understanding of the pressure they will be under while in the emergency room. Scenario-based training allows users to learn how to administer IVs, assist in setting broken bones, ensure the drugs that are being provided to the patient are correct, and much more in a life-like setting. This type of cognitive learning will allow users to condition themselves for the type of stress that they will be encountering during their time in the trauma unit. The development was created using a web-based gaming engine and is fully integrated with SCORM programming so that it can be easily imported into the client’s learning management system to track user progress.

Trauma Unit - Welcome Screen
Trauma Unit - Introduction
Trauma Unit - Checking the stats
Trauma Unit - Communication
Trauma Unit - Preparation
Trauma Unit - Preparation
Trauma Unit - Moving the Patient
Trauma Unit - Moving the Patient
Trauma Unit - X-Rays
Trauma Unit - Surgery Room

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