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Virtual Interactive Learning Tool


The challenge:

An undisclosed client needed the ability to train new hires in a quick, easy, and cost effective manner without pulling other staff members away from their jobs in order to do so. It was important that the new hires felt they were engaging in an interactive way and were not missing any information they would receive through traditional training. 

The Solution:

After the needs analysis Designing Digitally, Inc. presented the idea of developing a 3D web-based simulation used for new orientation training to the client. This simulation was developed in first person to provide you with a digital version of the work area and a 3D avatar that would guide you through your first day on the job. This simulation would walk the user through all process and policies that would normally be provided during the initial orientation training. This web-based learning module provided all necessary information for the user to get started working at the company such as policies, procedures, holiday schedule, payment schedule, hierarchy of the company, company history, employee handbook, and contact information for each division of the company in case the user needs assistance to do his or her job. This web-based training module was created to be stand alone and SCORM coded so that the course could be imported into the client’s learning management system to track the new hires completion of the course. This system also tracked user progress, user seat time, bookmarked lessons for the user, and also user score of the assessment questions regarding the company policies provided at the end of the course. 

The Results:

Designing Digitally, Inc. worked alongside the client to import this module into their learning management system so that they could deliver the course to all new hires on the first day of work. This course was presented to them as the first step in working at the company and was mandatory for all new employees to experience. Overall this 3D orientation training was creative and has saved countless hours of training and man power for the human resources department. 

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Corporate VOLT - Check Your Meesages
Corporate VOLT - Check Your Meesages
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