The challenge

Designing Digitally understands that many jobs require training for equipment or processes that can be dangerous and costly when mistakes occur. One of these occupations is Warehouse Managers and staff, as they are required to perform routine safety inspections and operate different machines to correctly complete daily job tasks. To provide a realistic learning experience that ensures safety, the Designing Digitally team decided to create an immersive simulation that showcases how companies can apply virtual reality to increase the skillsets of warehouse employees and create a risk-free training solution. 

The Solution

Designing Digitally developed the "Virtual Reality Warehouse Safety Inspection Simulation Using Artificial Intelligence Voice Recognition" to provide a safe learning environment where employees could learn and practice the required jobs needed to manage and maintain an effective and efficient warehouse. The learning simulation uses advanced technologies like VR motion tracking to provide access to hands-on equipment training, such as forklift maneuverability. It teaches the proper procedures to use during an inspection and shows the correct ways to record and document important information. This training simulation enhances learning using top-of-the-line voice recognition, allowing employees to communicate and interact with the artificial intelligence, non-playing characters within the training course to replicate an authentic experience as if in an actual warehouse. Each learning experience is personalized based on the user's interactions, replicating real-life job scenarios. Users can practice conversations and learn the necessary skills to identify hazards or non-compliance items correctly. The "Virtual Reality Warehouse Safety Inspection Simulation Using Artificial Intelligence Voice Recognition" is a perfect way to provide a risk-free training environment that eliminates the risks of injuries and shows your workforce their safety and success are valued.

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