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Designing Digitally is a leader in providing custom training solutions for the largest brands all across the world. We partner with you to help identify and understand your employee development goals and challenges, in order to create customized curriculums that ensure your set learning and business objectives are met. 

Many organizations today struggle with issues such as keeping employees engaged during training programs, or determining knowledge gaps and creating effective ways to overcome them. Designing Digitally solves your challenges with our custom learning developments that are tailored precisely to your organization's needs.

Through our custom eLearning solutions, we provide invaluable expertise to help reduce your training expenses and risks, all while growing your company's success. Regardless of industry or service, each business has unique learning and development initiatives, so unique solutions are needed. Contact our team today to learn how we can help your company take employee training to the next level.

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Custom eLearning

We create unique eLearning customized for your training objectives. We could incorporate gamified elements to focus your learners’ attention on the content, or weave realistic stories throughout the course to pull learners into the training material. Every custom eLearning solution developed by Designing Digitally is created around your brand and your learners’ needs. By utilizing innovative instructional design and the latest technology advancements, our firm partners with large brands and federal government agencies to create cutting-edge training that engages employees and changes behaviors. Let us help you determine the best way to educate, engage, and entertain your learners by contacting us today.

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Serious Games - Mobilizer

Serious Games

We create exciting and compelling game-based learning experiences that ensure learner retention and positive behavior change. Whether you are looking to have a collaborate serious game or a competitive online environment to facilitate serious learning, Designing Digitally can create it for you. Our custom serious games incorporate fun into applicable scenario-based exercises that effectively achieve knowledge transfer. We design immersive experiences for single players as well as with multiplayer functionality. Using the latest technologies, our custom game-based learning experiences can be imported into your systems or can be developed as a stand-alone application. Partner with our award-winning serious game development company to obliterate your learners’ perceptions of online learning.

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Training Simulations

Our custom training simulations empower your workforce to practice in virtual environments, allowing the audience to ‘learn by doing’ anytime, anywhere they need. Our custom training simulations will reduce your training costs, accelerate employee learning, provide a consistent message, and dissolve the need for expensive live training. Our effective custom training programs allow employees to access visual instruction in a virtual environment that replicates the form and function of your workspace. Scenarios and activities in training simulations help learners solve problems and practice detailed processes in a safe environment where they can fail, without fear of real-life consequences. Learners receive immediate feedback, sometimes from a virtual trainer, to understand what they are doing well or areas they need to improve. Improve your employees’ performance in the field with our effective training simulations!

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Mobile Learning Tablet

Mobile Learning

Give your learners the ability to access the training they need on their mobile devices. By having Designing Digitally develop your custom mobile learning solution, you can supply your employees with the freedom to access course content on their tablets and smart phones while on the move. With the workforce becoming ever so mobile, it only makes sense that corporate training accommodates the technology tools that are in the hands of each one of your workers. Equip your employees with the advantage of accessing training when they need it, where they need it. We create custom mLearning modules designed for quick reference in the field, tablet and phone-friendly versions of our eLearning and serious game courses, and custom developed phone apps for Android and iOS stores. To learn more about how we can create your mLearning solution, contact our learning solutions specialists through your mobile device!

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Training Needs Analysis

Training Needs Analysis

If you were building your dream home, you would not not begin by laying down bricks. Instead, you would first survey your land, then create architecture plans for the home’s layout and structural design. This is a great analogy for our firm’s Needs Analysis process. We start off by consulting with you to understand your pain points, performance goals, and behavior needs. Then, we determine the best approach for your project and develop your curriculum. Far too many training projects are developed and launched without much thought about whether the content itself is focused on the specific target audience. These projects leave learners disinterested and bored, which means they do not retain the information, deeming the entire effort a failure. Our firm's consultative approach throughout the Needs Analysis ensures that your project will be properly aligned to your objectives and that learners are given the right training at the right time. Reach out to one of our learning solutions specialists to have your learning needs planned out properly.

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Microlearning Development


Designing Digitally is an expert in creating quick, effective learning modules that give learners the exact knowledge they need. These short bursts of training are called microlearning. We develop custom learning content for corporate training and adult learning, tailored to the learning outcomes your workforce needs. The types of microlearning modules vary depending on the need of your organization. Possibilities include quick reference guides, mini-games, short video-based trainings, and interactive simulations designed for use on mobile devices. Contact one of our Learning Solutions Specialists today to discuss partnering with Designing Digitally, Inc. to create your microlearning courses!

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Virtual Reality For Training

Virtual Reality For Training

Designing Digitally, Inc. is an expert in developing immersive and meaningful learning experiences using Virtual Reality (VR). VR is one of the newest platforms to reach the training realm and is, without a doubt, the most engaging technology in our industry. It is proven to create enthusiasm for learners as well as strong knowledge retention. We create custom training simulations for Virtual Reality headsets such as the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive. Our VR projects include realistic training simulations, immersive serious games, and fun mini-games. We design and develop every project around your audience and your training objectives. Our team agrees that out of all our learning solutions, VR projects are the most interesting to create, and especially the most fun to test! But we don’t just create them for fun. We create them to help our clients thrive by having motivated, educated employees. Contact one of our Learning Solutions Specialists today to discuss creating your custom Virtual Reality Training Experience!

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In the Discovery phase, our sales team learns about your company and training needs. We assign a Production Level and Content Readiness Tier based on your specifications. This information, as well as an estimated timeline, is provided in a proposal.


We kick off the project by analyzing your technical requirements, audience traits, and most importantly, your learning objectives. Our Instructional Designers and Interactive Media Developers collaborate with your team to determine the best structure for your course.


In the Design phase we provide you with Storyboards to review and critique. These serve as the script for audio narration, the blueprint for the Graphic Designers, and the instructions for the Programmers. You also receive preliminary designs of the course artwork.


The project comes to life as our developers unite the visual assets, audio elements, and interactive features. You get to test the project in its entirety, experiencing all of the game mechanics and knowledge applications you helped design in the previous phases.


Once you approve the final course, we deliver it to your LMS team or upload it to a custom LMS we created for you. We ensure it is scoring and reporting properly. Then, you launch your new training and observe the positive changes in your employee’s performance!