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At Designing Digitally, we maximize your employee performance and business success through custom online learning solutions that help you overcome specific challenges and crush your training and development benchmarks. 

We identify all your goals, challenges, and project needs to build a learning solution that will positively impact your business. Our Consult phase ensures that we cover all essential elements upfront to create training programs that grow your workforce and make employees feel their success is vital and valued. 

We take care of all development aspects while communicating with all appropriate team members, SMEs, and stakeholders to create a collaborative partnership. The Develop phase allows us to bring your training to life and complete testing rounds to ensure we provide training that exceeds your expectations. 

Designing Digitally goes the extra mile with our Support phase and proactive support initiative. After launching your training experience, we provide your team with important ongoing analytical and measurement data. This part of our partnership allows us to monitor your training’s effectiveness and continuously provide performance-enhancing learning, thus improving your business's overall success.



eLearning experiences will take your traditional training to the next level. We use our expertise in studying learning principles, business needs, and technology trends to develop customized eLearning solutions designed to your company’s unique requirements that will make a difference in your workforce. With custom eLearning, you can ensure your employees receives personalized training that is engaging, effective, and positively impacts your overall business performance.

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Serious Games - Mobilizer

Serious Games

Serious games are games designed to educate, not only entertain. You can leverage gaming entertainment elements with serious games to create training that catches your employees’ attention and motivates them to perform well. This scientifically-backed game-based learning format delivers compelling courses that encourage employees to invest in training opportunities and take pride in personal success.

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Online training simulations, delivered on various platforms, teach your employees new skills and information through virtual hands-on training that offers a safe environment. Simulations eliminate the fear of costly mistakes or consequences by providing experiences in a replicated space that prepare employees to take on highly ambiguous and challenging problems that may arise in their jobs. Simulations encourage workers to make decisions, assess options, and form solutions that challenge them further than traditional presentation-and-quiz-based training.

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Mobile Learning Apps

Employees access smartphones multiple times a day for different needs, so it only makes sense to have learning tools available on any device. By offering employee training development opportunities through custom mobile applications, you can take your training anywhere, delivered on technology that today’s learners prefer. With employee mobile training apps, your workforce can utilize performance support, digital resources, upskilling, and so much more. And, most importantly, you ensure information can be accessed precisely when needed.

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Training Needs Analysis

Training Needs Analysis

We begin crafting your learning solutions with one of our three types of Training Needs Analysis to assess your organization’s pain points and knowledge gaps in depth. We identify your specific needs and learning objectives to produce innovative L&D programs that cater to your audiences and delivers the most effective training. As an award-winning eLearning consultant company, we strive to ensure our proactive consultative practices are beyond what other eLearning vendors offer and will take your company to the top.

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Microlearning Development


Microlearning is the perfect way to deliver shorter training sessions that reduce downtime and eliminate cognitive overload. Micro courses break up content into smaller chunks, focusing on a single topic or lesson to ensure the learner can master the knowledge and correctly apply it. Microlearning can be designed for mobile devices to enable on-demand training anywhere, with shorter training durations, more time on the job, and training designed for specific employee needs.

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Virtual Reality For Training


Virtual Reality (VR) simulations take traditional simulations up a notch by creating immersive training solutions that place your employees in actual business scenarios and environments possibly faced while on the job. VR training simulations provide a safe space for your staff to learn and practice without any risks to the employee or company, ensuring they can perform the skills they need to do jobs accurately. VR also saves company resources by replacing the need for other team members, company equipment, and instructors, eliminating downtime and additional costs.

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In the Discovery phase, our sales team learns about your company and training needs. We assign a Production Level and Content Readiness Tier based on your specifications. This information, as well as an estimated timeline, is provided in a proposal.


We kick off the project by analyzing your technical requirements, audience traits, and most importantly, your learning objectives. Our Instructional Designers and Interactive Media Developers collaborate with your team to determine the best structure for your course.


In the Design phase we provide you with Storyboards to review and critique. These serve as the script for audio narration, the blueprint for the Graphic Designers, and the instructions for the Programmers. You also receive preliminary designs of the course artwork.


The project comes to life as our developers unite the visual assets, audio elements, and interactive features. You get to test the project in its entirety, experiencing all of the game mechanics and knowledge applications you helped design in the previous phases.


Once you approve the final course, we deliver it to your LMS team or upload it to a custom LMS we created for you. We ensure it is scoring and reporting properly. Then, you launch your new training and observe the positive changes in your employee’s performance!


In this phase, we help with the support and sustainment of the project after launch to help provide value through consultation and recommendations, ensuring constant results. Dedicate phase allows us to be proactive in the evolution instead of reactive to problems.