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Power Plant Familiarization

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The challenge:

General Electric Co. was in need of a digital reference for familiarizing their staff with the power plant and the components that make up a power plant. GE had previously used a typed technical manual that over time was in disrepair and did not effectively provide the most up to date content material for the new hires to study. GE decided it would be beneficial to have all of the reference material online within a dynamic content management system that allowed them to update the content material as the power plant evolved through time.

The Solution:

After the research and analysis phase, a web-based reference tool was developed that allowed users to look up content material based upon the evolution of previously used printed technical documents. This web-based training module also had dynamic animations to show how the systems within the power plant worked and the ability to drag and drop and zoom the diagrams to help focus in on a specific mechanical piece of equipment. The development consists of a content management system that allowed system administrators to update the content and validate that content with the subject matter experts in the test environment before being published to the web-based training module. This process was developed to ensure that the content material implemented by the system administrators is correct and is approved prior to releasing to the learners.

The Results:

This web-based training module has now been in use by GE for over three years and continues to be a digital reference for them to use when in the power plant. The web-based training module has saved a considerable amount of money considering there is no need for prints to be created consistently as the content material changes. This tool has become critical to the employees daily job duties and ensures the staff is educated about the tools and mechanical items within the power plant. This development has been a huge success for GE and will be used for years to come.

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Power Plant Familiarization - Introduction Screen
Power Plant Familiarization - Aspect Ratio Terms Screen
Power Plant Familiarization - Thrust of an Aircraft Screen
Power Plant Familiarization - Thrust of an Aircraft Screen
Power Plant Familiarization - Fan and Compressor Mechanical Design Screen